My name is Laura Jane Kilgore and I am a creative and technical writer and editor.

I love words – strong words like pithy, triumph, and eureka, but also gentle words like cyclamen, epiphany, and oratorio. Mostly I love words because, when carefully selected, they have the power to convey entire ideas. With them, we can directly communicate both information and emotions. 

I have always valued a clean, straight-forward style. Grammatical correctness, clarity and completeness of content, and natural organization are only a few of the qualities that I check for when writing and editing. When working with non-fiction, the two primary questions I ask are “Who is my audience?” and “What do they need to know?”

I graduated from the University of Houston – Downtown with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing in 2013. Having gained experience in oil and gas, aerospace, real estate, and academic environments, I have turned my attention toward freelance writing and editing.

My qualifications and experience include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing with Creative Writing Minor, 2013.
  • Fabian Worsham Creative Writing Award Recipient, 2013.
  • NASA (United Space Alliance) internship (spring 2013).
  • Edited Six Steps to College Success: Learning Strategies for STEM Students by Kathleen Straker and Eugenia Kelman, 2013.
  • Edited Powered Flight Guidance Development at NASA, 1960-2012 by John Goodman, 2012.
  • Edited The Drama of Preaching: Participating in the Work of God in Redemptive History, a Doctoral Dissertation by Eric B. Watkins.
  • Contracted as a technical writer with BP (2013-2017).
  • Guest lectured on Writing in the Real World at Baylor University (spring 2017).
  • Wrote “A New Sprout in Waco” for New Horizons, the magazine of the OPC (March 2018).

My current ongoing projects include:

  • Contributing to Wilson & Associates monthly newsletter.
  • Copywriting for Vivial Marketing.
  • Publishing and managing social media for The Aquila Report.
  • Content writing for Truth For Life.

My resume and writing and editing samples are available upon request.